Privacy Policy


  1. How can I be assured that Dwarka is a safe and secure shopping portal?
    We, at Dwarka, are extremely committed to offer safe and secure transactions. We respect your privacy and walk the extra mile to ensure to make sure your personal details are kept confidential, without sharing them with any other party. To know more with regard to confidentiality of your details and information, kindly go through our “Privacy Policy.”

    2. Does Dwarka Art store credit card details?
    No. We do not store any credit card details.

    3. Can my details be handed over to any third party?
    You can be rest assured that your details and info will not be passed on or sold to any third party. Your privacy is extremely vital for us. Read more with regard to privacy protection under our “Privacy Policy.”

    4. Can I make a debit/credit card transaction or make a Net Banking payment through my cell phone?
    Yes. You can carry out debit/credit card transactions through the Dwarka Art mobile site.
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